About Ducktrap Photo

BWphotoA Brief Resume

My formal training is in biochemistry, as a University research professor…but I believe that photography has similarities to my long-time profession, in that,  much like the outcome of research, a successful photograph is achieved in only a small fraction of cases. A few of the surviving examples are shown here, and I hope you will find some that interests you.

I studied photography at Maine Media Workshops; Cape Cod Workshops; also for many years at the Worcester Center for Crafts in Massachusetts, with Peter Faulkner, who I credit with teaching by example what good and not-so-good photographs look like. My works have been exhibited locally at single person and juried shows; my liquid emulsion work is currently represented by Northport Landing, and by Maine Gathering, Camden.



I try to view my surroundings acutely, and recreate the varied images that presented themselves, capturing the feeling that was inherent at that moment in a still photo. I  take many of my images during poor weather; snow, fog, cold, wind, and rain create certain scenes not often found in picture-postcard conditions. I like to think that black and white photos capture the feeling, or mood, of these moments and add to the realism- or is it surrealism?-of the scene.


2018 Art Show Schedule

June 16-17: Bar Harbor Art in the Park, Village Green, Bar Harbor, Maine

July 8-9: Belfast Art in the Park, Waterfront, Belfast, Maine

July 14-15: Harbor Arts Fair, Camden, Maine

August 11: S. Portland Art in the Park, Mill Creek Park, S. Portland, Maine

August 18: Brunswick, Maine Downtown Arts Fair

Sept. 21-23: Common Ground Country Fair, Unity, Maine

October 14: Newton Harvest Fair, Newton Center Green, Newton MA

October 27-28: Univ. Maine Craft Fair, Orono, Maine