Black and White Landscape Photography

Welcome to Ducktrap Photography, where I display some of the photographs that I have taken. I have photographed in many different locations- in Massachusetts; the Penobscot Bay area of Maine where water and fog dominate; Iceland, a country that has wonderful lighting conditions as a result of the Northern latitude and daily combination of wind, rain, and sun; Sicily; and  in Yellowstone National Park. I use B&W film, Mamiya 645 or 7 medium format cameras, and after scanning the film, print with an Epson 2400  onto Hahnemuhle fine art paper. 

I also print, from negatives, onto surfaces other than paper. I do this by coating the surface (shells, glass, stones) with a light-sensitive liquid emulsion, and then exposing these surfaces to the film image. The latent image is then brought through developer, fixer, and dried. You can find out more details about this technique in my blog articles.